7 decembrie 2007

Leapsa de la Dude

Am primit leapsa asta de la Dude, dupa ce practic, le-am cerut-o cu nerusinare. Daca mi-a placut, ce sa fac?? :) Here I go:


1. Male friend: Marius
2. Female friend: Dana, Ioana
3. Vacation: Costinesti 2004
4. Age: 22
5. Memory: surprise party for my 18 birthday


1. Time of day: 6.30 AM
2. Day of the week: Monday
3. Food: Spinach. Iach!
4. Memory: an embarassing one :)


1. Person you saw: Cristi
2. Person you talked to on the phone: Mum
3. Hugged: Cristi
4. Text messaged: Ioana
5: IM: Dana


1. What did you do: went to school, read, blogged, received a visit
2. Who were you with: lots of people: Marius, Ioana, Florin, Delia, Cristi
3. Bad/Good day: regular one
4. Lose something: no
5. Fall out with someone: no

1. What are you doing now: drinking morning coffee. It's 3 p.m. :)
2. Today in general: cleaning, reading, going out with Dana, party tonight.
3. Wearing: a T-shirt
4. What did you eat for lunch: it's still morning for me:P
5. Better than yesterday: yes

1. Is: Saturday
2. Got any plans: sleepin late after today party, walking my dog in the park, shopping
3. Getting Lucky: maybe :)) ;)
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: Saturdays always end to fast
5. Do you have work: Happy to say, not for the moment

1. Number: 7
2. Song: Baby is crying, at the moment. They keep changing
3. Colour: purple and green
4. Season: summer
5. State: this one ;)

1. With someone: yes
2. Missing someone: yes
3. Mood: not in the mood
4. Wanting: a nice pair of boots

Lepasa merge mai departe la Danutz si la Anqutzu. De abia astept sa vad raspunsurile voastre.

5 comentarii:

Dida spunea...

Haha, asta e ceva nou şi original. Pot s-o iau şi eu dar cu traducerea în română? Ar fi mai... fair play. Suntem în România totuşi :D

Corina spunea...

Dida - > Cum sa nu!:) Cred ca poti sa o preiei si in romana! Sper sa nu se supere Dudele :)

Danutz spunea...


permite-mi sa o preiau selectiv. sunt mai pudic asa de fel :P

Danutz spunea...

1. Male friend: can’t make a difference
2. Female friend: idem
3. Vacation: herculane 2004
4. Age: 21
5. Memory: too many

1. Time of day: there is no such thing
2. Day of the week: no such thing again
3. Food: no such thing again ever
4. Memory: don’t keep in mind

1. Person you saw: do not keep the record 2. Person you talked to on the phone: same to this one

3. Bad/Good day: good
4. Lose something: nop
5. Fall out with someone: actually, didn’t

1. What are you doing now: think
2. Today in general: good
3. Wearing: suit :P
5. Better than yesterday: the same

1. Is: beautiful
2. Got any plans: no
3. Getting Lucky: hope so
4. Dislikes about tomorrow: none
5. Do you have work: fortunately yes

1. Number: 12
2. Song: summer wine (Natalia Avelon & Ville Valo)
3. Colour: don’t have
4. Season: all four
5. State: denmark

1. With someone: so alone
2. Missing someone: every moment
3. Mood: pretty satisfied
4. Wanting: serenity

Corina spunea...

Danutz -> Hei, dar ce se intampla cu intrebarile la care nu ai raspuns?? Curioasa din mine, evident, la alea ar vrea sa stie raspunsurile:) Nu te simti obligat, oricum.:P

Nu ma asteptam sa o faci la mine la comentarii, dar e bine si asa :)